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This website is dedicated to Rosemary Timperley (1920-1988), an author of over sixty novels and hundreds of short stories and feature articles, the latter published in the magazine Reveille. Timperley was born in north London and sold her first short story to Illustrated magazine in 1946. She began her freelance writing career in 1960 after many years working as a school teacher and journalist. Among her most famous tales are the classic ghost stories "The Mistress in Black" (1969) and "Christmas Meeting" (1952). Although principally a mainstream writer, Timperley wrote a large number of short stories that explored different aspects of the supernatural. She was well known for editing five volumes in a series of ghost story anthologies. Her writing encompassed the fields of mystery, horror and suspense fiction and she won critical acclaim for her many novels, which include The Summer Visitors (1971) and Inside (1988).

Her work has been collected in many different anthologies, including Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories (1983) and the horror story collection Return From the Grave (1976). In addition, Timperley wrote a number of acclaimed radio and television scripts that were broadcast on a variety of shows in England. Her short story "Harry" (1955) has been adapted to film several times.

For many years Timperley was a regular contributor of short stories to magazines and newspapers such as the London Evening News, Reveille, the Sheerness Times-Guardian and the London Mystery Selection. In recent years her work has unfortunately fallen out-of-print. The principal aim of this website is to assemble all the bibliographic and biographic information about this writer that I can find. I also hope fans and scholars of Timperley's writings find the information presented here useful. Explore the contents of this website by following the links above.




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