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Based in the UK, this independent publishing venture was founded in 2008. Richard Simms Publications is a print-on-demand speciality publisher, dedicated to producing unique first edition paperback collections of rare and previously unpublished short stories, poems and articles by unjustly neglected authors. So far, selected works by Arthur Porges, F. W. Thomas and Basil Wells have been published, but I hope in the future to assemble collections by other unfairly overlooked writers whose works deserve to be reprinted for a modern audience.


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ARTHUR PORGES: The Calabash of Coral Island and Other Early Stories (2008)
A collection of previously unpublished short stories dating from the 1930s and 1940s.

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ARTHUR PORGES: The Miracle of the Bread and Other Stories (2008)
This volume assembles twenty-four unique and varied stories written across several genres by a master storyteller.

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ARTHUR PORGES: Spring, 1836: Selected Poems (2008)
A collection of poems by a writer noted for his short stories. This book brings the author's little-known work in this medium to a much wider audience.

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ARTHUR PORGES: The Devil and Simon Flagg and Other Fantastic Tales (2009)
A superb collection of weird fantasy tales that includes four previously unpublished stories.

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ARTHUR PORGES: The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey (2009)
A complete collection of Arthur Porges' inventive "locked room" mystery short stories featuring the sleuth Cyriack Skinner Grey.

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ARTHUR PORGES: The Ruum and Other Science Fiction Stories (2010)
The first book in a two-volume collection of Arthur Porges' science fiction stories from the 1950s and '60s.

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ARTHUR PORGES: The Rescuer and Other Science Fiction Stories (2014)
The second book in a two-volume collection of Arthur Porges' science fiction stories from the 1950s and '60s.

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ARTHUR PORGES: Unusual Plants of the Galaxy (2014)
Seven science ficion vignettes originally published in the 1990s and collected here for the first time in book form.

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ARTHUR PORGES: No Killer Has Wings: The Casebook of Dr. Joel Hoffman (2017)
A complete collection of the series of crime puzzle stories featuring the sleuth pathologist Dr. Joel Hoffman.

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ARTHUR PORGES: These Daisies Told: The Casebook of Professor Ulysses Price Middlebie (2018)
A complete collection of the "impossible crime" stories featuring the armchair crime consultant Ulysses Price Middlebie.

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F.W. THOMAS: Tales From Stonecutter Street (2010)
A complete collection of F. W. Thomas' early writings for the Morning Leader newspaper.

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F. W. THOMAS: Star Turns (2011)
Early sketches from The Star, dating from the 1912-1913 period.

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F. W. THOMAS: The Rising Sap (2013)
Stories and sketches originally published in The Star throughout 1914.

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BASIL WELLS: Final Voyage and Other Science Fiction Stories (2016)
Eleven of Wells' finest stories, reprinted here for the first time since their original publication in 1950s science fiction magazines.

All of these volumes can be purchased from Amazon and numerous other online booksellers.


Be aware that some of the projected dates of publication given below are extremely tentative and may be subject to change.

ARTHUR PORGES: The Price of a Princess: Hardboiled Crime Fiction (2019)
Noirish crime and detective short stories by a writer better-known for his ingenious "locked room" mysteries.

ARTHUR PORGES: Collected Essays (2020)
A two-volume collection of essays and articles dating mostly from the late 1980s. Many originally appeared in the Monterey County Herald newspaper.

F. W. THOMAS: From The Coastal Zone (publication date to be advised)
Humorous articles from The Star, telling of life in the Sussex coastal town of Seaford during WWII.

ROSEMARY TIMPERLEY: Home From The Sea (publication date to be advised)
A collection of fourteen short stories originally published in the Sheerness Times-Guardian newspaper in 1954.

BASIL WELLS: Queen of the Blue World and Other Science Fiction Stories (publication date to be advised)
A selection of Basil Wells' 1940s science fiction stories, several of which were only ever printed in obscure fanzines.


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